The Founder

Ambition, Determination and Motivation

The Founder

The Founder It was with deep sadness that our Management and staff learned of the death of their founder and chairman, Easa Husain Al-Yousifi, in August 2003. Born in 1928, Easa Husain Al-Yousifi grew to adulthood at a time with no cars, radios, or electricity in Kuwait. He started few years in basic schooling, then his ambitiousness and determination led him to learn English in night school.

He established a small shop in the old Merchant’s Souk in Sharq in 1952 to sell household goods. Easa Husain Al-Yousifi excelled at customer satisfaction, he would go the extra mile to ensure his customers get the best service possible. When TVs first arrived in Kuwait, he would often go to homes and adjust the antennas himself to ensure the reception was at its finest.

As his company grew, establishing the right corporate culture was a must. He Started by empowering his employees to share their opinions on ideas to improve the business. He knew that implementing good ideas will lead to better customer satisfaction.

Though Easa Husain Al-Yousifi Showrooms later known as “Best Al Yousifi” have been visited over time by almost every Kuwaiti citizen, his name is best recognized locally for his countless charitable works. His door was always welcoming, and his staff have fond memories of the kindness and affection. Employees are so proud to have been part of the life and continued legacy of Easa Husain Al-Yousifi, where the diversified trading and contracting empire he built, started from that one little shop in Sharq!


This book is for all our friends and our country’s men and women because Kuwait and its people lived in his consciousness and feelings until his last breath. The life he led was eventful and meaningful, from a childhood of hardship to an ambitious youth seeking success, a talented business sharing his good fortune, a world traveler comfortable with International commerce, and a grandfather enjoying the fruits of his life of hard work and being recognized as symbol of decency and determination.

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